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Geologic Compass

Geologic Compass


Alternative to Brunton Compass

Lightweight and durable transit, designed for the specific tasks required of geologists; surveyors; mining engineers; civil engineers; environmental engineers and foresters.

Multi-functions compass include compass bubble level; clinometers level; sighting mirror; lubber line and sighting hole; induction dampened needle and adjustable sighting points

Features one degree resolution and 0.5 degree accuracy; the vertical angle clinometers scale featuring one degree increments has a range of 90 degrees.

Shockproof function; no need worry about the tough environment;with fluorescent which can use it day and night securely.

Come with carry case and instruction;convenient to use and carry; hand sized; easily put it in your pocket or carry case and hung it on your girdle.


  • Material: plastic
  • Dimensions: 82x70x35mm;3.2x2.8x1.4”

Package Includes:

  • 1x M2 compass
  • 1 x carrying case
  • 1x English instruction


Color: black
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