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Aside from our curated geological tools, we offer geological services that will provide insights and geological solutions that will fulfill the needs of every client’s project and/or business.

Geological Field Services

Our team of geologists can assist you in gathering geological and baseline data. We conduct and manage geological surveys, site investigations and prepare corresponding geological technical reports.

field mapping

For other services that are not listed above, kindly email us at so we can assist you.

Geological Field Services

Geological desktop study and planning

Geological Mapping and Assessment

Professional site visit with Technical Reporting

Geotechnical and geohazard assessment

Engineering Geological and Geohazard Report (EGGAR)

Reconnaissance and Mineral Exploration

Geological Mapping and Assessment

Test pitting and borehole drilling

Mineral Exploration Report with resource estimation

Delineation of prospect commodities such as aggregates, nickel, laterite, limestone, etc.

Drilling Program Management

Environmental Studies

Socio-environmental Study

Environmental Impact 

Assessment (EIA)

Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC)

Geophysical Surveys



Management and completion of ground geophysical survey

Data Processing, interpretation and presentation

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