We are gearing into a new venture as we now offer geological services that will provide insights and geological solutions that will fulfill the needs of every client’s project and/or business.


Geological Field Services

Our team of geologists can assist you in gathering geological data and other field requirements. We conduct and manage geological surveys and prepare corresponding geological technical reports. The following are the geological services we offer:

  • Geological desktop study and planning

  • Professional site visit with Technical Reporting

  • Geological Mapping and Assessment

  • Geotechnical Investigation

  • Geohazard Assessment

  • Engineering Geological and Geohazard Report (EGGAR)



We have licensed geologists who have a wide experience in mineral explorations of different commodities. We handle exploration programs of various sizes ranging from small scale projects, trenching, bulk sampling and delineation of proposed drilling and project feasibility phases. Other services are the following:


  • Geological Mapping and Assessment

  • Delineation of prospect commodities such as aggregates, nickel, laterite, limestone, etc.

  • Test pitting and borehole drilling

  • Drilling Program Management

  • Data Compilation and GIS Integration

  • Mineral Exploration Report with resource estimation

  • Exploration Permit acquisition and other environmental compliances



We also handle baseline studies for your projects and environmental impact statement as a compliance for ECC.​

  • Socio-environmental Study

  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

  • Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC)



We can also assist you in determining geophysical target areas and geophysical methods that will be the most effective and economically feasible in each of your projects. The following are the geophysical services we offer:

  • Preliminary methodology advice

  • Management and completion of ground geophysical survey such as:

    • Electrical Resistivity Survey

    • Ground Penetrating Radar

    • Dynamic Cone Penetration Test

  • Data Processing, interpretation and presentation


For other services that are not listed above, kindly email us at

geolstuffmnl@gmail.com so we can assist you